Delivrance pour Tous is a faith-based non-profit organization that supports education and health needs of families and communities in Haiti.

 It was founded by Marc-Arthur Francois, a few months after the earthquake in 2010. Marc has a passion for serving the Lord and a passion for helping the less fortunate in Haiti. After the earthquake, Marc started helping anyway that he could. He worked for other NGO’s working in Haiti, assisting doctors and translating for the organization. Marc still saw a need in the community and decided to create D.T. to have a lasting impact in Haiti. 

DT is now taking over by the new President/CEO Jameson Leo; Who is a dedicated and inspired man, who has a strong love for his country, Haiti. After the earthquake, Mr. Leo started volunteering for non-profit organization ACTS world relief; helping them with translation and assistance. He was then promoted to being the director’s assistance/manager for ACTS world relief organization. Leo left Haiti in 2011 to pursue his education in the United State, and now taking time off to work along with Mr. Francois to serve his country and continue the work he started before he left. Francois and Leo, are now the two head executive of DT.

Mission Statment

Délivrance Pour Tous (DT) is an organization dedicated to elevating communities from poverty through education, and training.


We are committed to providing education, training, and a brighter future, empowering Haitians with knowledge and skills to thrive.


Our purpose is to use our resources to combat poverty, improve education, and invest in the lives of the Haitian Communities.

What we do

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