The “Educare center” is a project where unfortunate children in the area of Delmas and its surrounding will come and get an education. Based on a survey that was conducted by our team we found that 68% of the household we surveyed had at least one child who was not going to school. We have seen the needs of that community and that is why we are starting the program to see how we can meet those needs.

The “Educare center” is designed to empower the less fortunate children in Delmas area, academically and financially.

Configurations and programs

The center will have a reading, writing, science and math clubs to help the children develop their academic abilities.

Computer labs that will help them connect with the world, and teach them basic computer skills.

Last but not least, an Artisanal program where the children will learn how to use recycles to make crafts that will help them economically toward their schooling and basic day to day needs.